“It’s easy to stick a pipe in the ground. But that pipe, when covered with dirt and hidden from view, must hold up for a century. Achieving that result requires experience.”

Colantuoni Bros. Corp. has a great deal of expertise with the installation of utilities, and can perform many services in this area including electrical, water, sewer, site drainage, sewer and septic systems.

Colantuoni Bros. Corp. specializes in all aspects of excavation projects. Services in this area include soil removal, backfill, stone / rock removal, and foundation excavation. Debris is removed while excavation continues, keeping the project moving, making sure the site is ready for the next phase.

Colantuoni Bros. Corp. has extensive experience in earthwork. Services offered in this area include:

  • Land clearing
  • Road grading and resurfacing
  • Wetlands restructuring
  • River and pond dredging
  • On-site build earth moving (cut and fill)
  • Excavations situated in congested urban areas
  • Bulk excavation – removal and cart away
  • Re-engineering of on-site materials
  • Cart away inert or contaminated soil
  • Handling and disposal of a variety of special wastes
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