It is the policy of Colantuoni Bros. Corp. to provide a safe place of employment for all of our employees and for the public in the area of ongoing projects, we strive follow all safety regulations as they pertain to our industry.

Rules of Safety
Safety shall take precedence over more expedient unsafe operations. Every attempt shall be made to provide equipment and create conditions that shall make for a safe work place. We provide safety education for our employees, any employee who willfully disregards known safety practices as established will be subject to dismissal. All employees are expected to read and understand the rules of safety that apply to their trade and job site. Prior to commencing any earth project Colantuoni Bros. Corp. contacts Dig Safe and establishes a tracking number for each project.
Colantuoni Bros. Corp. is constantly communicating with local building officials / authorities to remain current on continually changing policies.

A continuous training program is vital part of the company Safety Program. The objective of the training program is to insure that all employees recognize dangerous conditions and that hazards and exposure to illness or injury are eliminated as much as possible.

Crews certified in the following areas.

  • An initial indoctrination of each employee on the company safety program and the specific safety rules applicable to this specific trade
  • Annual safety training sessions
  • Instruction of proper use of issued safety equipment
  • Instruction of safe handling of hazardous materials
  • Training required by CFR 29 Section 1910 and 1926 of the OSHA act.
  • 40 hour OSHA HazWopper
  • 10-hour OSHA HazWopper
  • HazCom/Right to know
  • DOT and Hazardous waste transporter permit requirements (Drivers only)
  • Trenching/excavation/competent person
  • First Aid/CPR
  • Dig Safe and tracking number
  • Marine transfer training
  • Mass construction supervisor license
  • Drain layers license
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